10+ years of industry experience in Software Architecture, Design, Development, Product Delivery. Have strong communication skills and mentored mid sized teams for on time delivery of projects. Have been responsible for end-to-end development life-cycle, from requirements gathering to feature delivery.


Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge v.4 Issued by Cloud Security Alliance


“Batch Management of Operations over Virtualized Entities”
Application number: 11221865 Issued on: Jan 11, 2022.

Technical Skills

Programming languagesJava, Python, SQL, GoLang, HTML
Technologies/FrameworksJAX-RS, Spring, Hibernate, Flask, Google Protobuf, gRPC
DataBases/DataStoreMysql, Amazon DynamoDB, Redis, Cassandra
Cloud TechnologiesAWS EKS, S3, RDS, EC2, Lambda
DevOps/CIPuppet, Fabric, Mustache, Jenkins, Git, Maven, K8s, Spinnaker, Docker
Development EnvironmentIntelliJ, GoLand, PyCharm,  JIRA, Confluence

Work Experience

Salesforce India Private Limited (2021-Present)

Senior Distributed Systems Developer – Network Security Cloud Infrastructure
  • Part of the team working on hardening network security for the Salesforce Clouds.
  • Enabling Deployments on the Public Clouds.

    Development Lead – Metis
  • Metis is the network visualisation layer that reads the network policies files and exposes the connectivity matrix.
  • REST API to retrieve this info.

    Layer 7 Firewall
  • Working on POC to integrate a Layer7 Firewall in the Salesforce Cloud Platform.

Nutanix India Private Limited (2016-2020)

Development Lead – Prism Central as a Service (PCaaS)
  • Prism Central is the Nutanix management plane that provides a single pane from where the entire IT infrastructure can be managed.
  • This requires the underlying system to be NOS (Nutanix Operating System) based.
  • Goal was to adapt this to be able to run it on any cloud and manage both the onprem/cloud based infrastructure.
Development Lead – Nutanix Guest Tools(NGT)
  • Demonstrated complete ownership of NGT-a software for advanced VM Management operations.
  • Performed Threat Analysis of the entire component.
  • Effectively led the development of NGT through the complete software lifecycle, from requirements gathering to delivery.
  • Self Service Restore (SSR) feature
    • SSR enables administrators of Virtual Machines to recover files from Nutanix data snapshots.
    • Designed and developed backend services and APIs for SSR.
    • Qualified operations of SSR on multiple operating systems.
    • Contributed to Test automation.
  • Nutanix Guest Tools Bulk Installation and Update
    • This feature enables simultaneous NGT installation on multiple Virtual Machines.
    • Responsible for end-to-end development life-cycle, from requirements gathering to feature delivery.
    • Proactively addressed potential security issues.

Indian Gifts Portal (2015 – 2016)

Backend Development Lead
  • Led the development efforts of JAX-RS based JAVA services, for the new website of
  • Evaluated the technology stacks best suitable for each service.
  • Mail Service
    • Designed and developed a service responsible for asynchronously sending all mailers.
    • Capable of plugging in any of the third party mail services available.
  • Data logging framework for IGP
    • Designed and developed a data collection framework that could be used for suitable data analysis.
    • Used Kafka as the queue and Cassandra as the persistent store.

Intuit (2014 – 2015)

Intuit Analytics Cloud (IAC)
  • Contributed towards the development of an ETL platform for Intuit Products.
  • Involved in bringing data from MySql sources to Vertica, where the reports for analytics were generated.
  • Involved in enhancing the current structure of IAC to make it more resilient, and enable easy diagnosis.

Myntra Designs Pvt. Ltd (2012 – 2014)

Secure Services
  • Involved in design and development of Loyalty and Gift Card services.
  • Enhancements to and development of new APIs for existing Cart Service.
Revenue Labs
  • Required a fast-paced development cycle, to build and integrate experimental features for improving conversion and revenue.
  • Major features implemented were for promoting payments by COD, recommendations on cart page based on the slab discounts and VAT implementation.
  • Automated the build and deployment process, enabling one click code deployment on all environments.
  • Involved in understanding the current build, development and production push procedures.
  • Communicated with all teams to understand the needs and issues in the current process.
  • Ensured smooth transition and adaptation of the new process.
User Personalization Service
  • Implemented a platform service that can be used by all the personalization services.
  • Evaluated new platform/technologies necessary for implementing a scalable service.
  • Did a POC with different data-stores, and did a load testing to ensure production loads are sustainable.


Qualifications SpecializationUniversityYear
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
– Research Associate